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ADAPTAMAX 100 caps

A combination of herbs to help the body buffer the effects of stress and adapt to stressful situations.
May help with a variety of stressful conditions, including stress on the immune system, fatigue and aging.
Also helps fight oxidative cellular damage, energize the body, support positive mood and stimulate the immune system.



Regulates and supports a deep restful sleep,
particularly good for those that suffer from regular sleep disturbances.

$24.00 - $39.00

Supports proper nervous system function.
May promote a more restful sleep.
Provides soothing and calming properties


KAVA 1-a-day

Supports the body in times of stress and anxiety, helping to improve mood and calm the nervous system.



Finding it hard to get to sleep?  Difficulty staying asleep?  Restless legs keeping you awake?  Waking up tired?
Lecitone Magnesium is natural way to support healthy sleep patterns with no risk of dependence.

3 packs = the recommended 2-month course.


MAGNESIUM 180 tabs

Ensures the proper utilization of minerals in the body.  Helps relax muscles.
Maximizes energy production.  Supports bowel function.
Supports the nervous system.


MAGNESIUM COMPLEX with Vit B6 - 90 caps

A combination of easily absorbed Magnesium compounds with added Vit B6 to support bio-availability.


MANHAE 60 caps

A natural hormone-free way to support hormonal balance and menopausal comfort.

Buy 2 packs to get 5% OFF!



Recommended for Muscle tension and stress
Quality sleep support
Heart and bone health support
Pre-menstrual health
People who find it difficult to swallow tablets.


SLEEPEEZ 60 tabs

Sleepeez is a specially designed combination of herbs and nutrients
essential for supporting the nervous system and sleep patterns.


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