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* CIRCULO 300 caps + Buy the Second HALF PRICE! (Add 2 to your cart)

Our No.1 selling "herbal power-pack" has helped thousands of
New Zealanders support their heart health and circulation. 

Buy the 300 caps jar of Circulo and get the second jar for only $42.50! (Add 2 to your cart!)


*Co-Q10 150mg 30 caps + Buy the Second HALF PRICE! (Add 2 to your cart)

Co-Q10 is essential for energy production in every cell in the body, and helps protect our heart health.
Those who are taking statin drugs for cholesterol may benefit from supplementing with Co-Q10,
to help alleviate some of the side effects of the statins.



Having a healthy cholesterol level isn't just about getting it as low as possible - its also
about having the right balance between the HDL "good cholesterol" and LDL "bad cholesterol".


Discount Price: $57.00

10% OFF - GARLIC 20,000mg 30 caps!

Garlic is beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system, and helps to support healthy cholesterol levels. Go Healthy GO GARLIC 20,000mg LOW ODOUR, LOW REFLUX provides a highly concentrated source of Garlic, in an easy to swallow, one a day VegeCapsule dose.


Discount Price: $24.00

10% OFF - LIVER CLEANSE 100 caps!

May provide nutritional support to the liver and gallbladder.
Helps to promote cleansing and detoxification mediated by the liver.
May support digestive functions.


Discount Price: $31.00

10% OFF - LIVER DETOX 1-A-DAY 60 caps!

GO LIVER DETOX is a 1-A-Day formula designed specifically to support the liver and aid detoxification. Provides a specific blend of key herbs that are renowned for their liver, digestive and antioxidant properties. 


Discount Price: $27.00

10% OFF - MILK THISTLE 100 caps!

This antioxidant rich herb supports the health of the liver. Nature's Sunshine Milk Thistle provides 550mg of Silybum marianum per capsule.


Discount Price: $32.00

10% OFF - NIACIN B3 100mg 80 tabs!

Niacin, also known as nicotinic acid, is a form of water-soluble B vitamin. It is involved in energy metabolism in the body. Niacin helps maintain normal cardiovascular health, particularly good circulation and cholesterol levels.


Discount Price: $13.00

10% OFF - OMEGA-3!

Omega-3 supports the immune system, the cardio-vascular system, healthy cholesterol levels,
joint mobility, brain function, and helps to protect cell membranes.

Essential for optimum health!


Discount Price: $27.00


Supports the circulatory system.

Helps the body maintain normal range cholesterol levels.

Supports the production of HDL (good) cholesterol in the liver.


Discount Price: $47.00

10% OFF LECITHIN 1200mg 120 caps!

Lecithin enables the break down of fats and cholesterol,
helping to keep these substances in the bloodstream
rather than accumulating on artery walls.


Discount Price: $23.00

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